About RFF

Mission Statement

Randy Foye is dedicated to giving back to the community where he was raised which is Newark, New Jersey. Having lost both his parents by age six Randy has seen first hand the difficulties kids can have growing up in a tough urban environment. Despite growing up in these conditions, Foye still rose up to graduate from Villanova University in four years and is in his 8th season in the NBA, currently starting at guard for the Denver Nuggets.

Randy hopes to be an example for kids in Newark and throughout the country, because he knows the difference a positive role model and nurturing environment can make on a young person’s life. He is committed to showing the community that you do have hope and can make a difference in this world.

Formed in October 2007, the Randy Foye Foundation (RFF) raises funds and develops programs and projects aimed directly at improving the lives of the people, especially the kids, of Newark. Working hand in hand with the corporations and the people of Newark, as well as a growing network of dedicated individuals, RFF serves as an example of what a grass roots movement can accomplish if everyone is focused on working hard and giving back.